Rental Terms and Conditions

Rental and Reservations Policies:   

1. Payment of invoice is required at the time of order to confirm and hold your date.
2. Be advised this display is a rental. You WILL  be invoiced for any damaged or missing YardCard display items $15 per Character.
3. For the safety of everyone, especially children, please DO NOT allow anyone to play on or around the lawn greetings display. Our display items WILL NOT safely support the weight of a person leaning, sitting or playing on the cards. Please discourage all persons from playing on or around the display.
4. Please do not move or adjust any part of the signage. If removal of the cards is required prior to the scheduled pick up time. Please Contact us immediately by the number listed on your invoice and YardCard rental sign. 
5. Signs are the property of  Your Yard Miami LLC, please do not throw them in the trash, or vandalize any of our signs. 
6. Please clear yard of all debris from lawnmowers, dog feces, or anything that will prevent our team member from setting up.
7. You are responsible for approval from any HOA, management or similar boards. 
8. Please do not attach balloons to any part of the display. 
9. Please water your grass and arrange lawn services at least 48 hrs prior to our arrival date.
10. We encourage you to take tons of pictures and pose next to the display but please do not damage the display in the process.

11. By agreeing to have  Your Yard Miami participate in your celebration, you agree that Your Yard Miami, LLC and all representatives are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage that may be caused to any person or personal property during the set-up or removal of any rental.

Refund Policy:

1. If you must cancel your booking it must be done within 48 hours of reserving your event date, you can choose to receive half of your booking rate as a refund, or you may leave the full amount on credit for a future booking date, based on our availability to be used within 12 months.

2. We will not set up in inclement weather. No Exceptions. Bad weather includes heavy rain, lightning/thunderstorms, hurricanes, high winds and any other Act of God that would put our team or rental display at risk. You will receive a full refund minus a $25 admin fee and fee for customized pieces.

3. No refunds will be given due to a wrong address given by customer.

4. No refunds will be given due to the homeowner requesting us to remove the lawn display.

5. No refunds will be given due to being denied access to a gated community, after contact attempts go unresponsive.

6. No refunds will be given due to any animals that prevent the display from being set up.

7. No refunds will be given for circumstances that prevent us from setting up the display, that are out of our control, including home owner associations. If contact is attempted and no response is made with the payee after 15 minutes. The order Will be canceled.

8.We begin installing greetings between the hours of 8:00 AM the morning of your event to 12 pm, or for Surprise installs we install 7 pm- 4 am the evening before your event and will pick up the following day.

9. No surprise set ups will be honored unless paid prior to event. 

9. All orders are a 1 day rental unless specified in the invoice. 

****By placing an order with Your Yard Miami, LLC, you agree to all policies stated above.